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16/0.2 Layout Equipment Wire 2m

16/0.2mm (0.5mm sq) approx 20 AWG

A general purpose single core unsheathed stranded tinned copper wire sold in 2m coils which is suitable for wiring most higher power accessories for model railway layouts.

Suitable for use as DCC bus dropper wires and for all solenoid point motor wiring where a capacitor discharge unit is used.

Can also be used as a bus wire or ring main for low voltage interior building lighting.

Available in 11 plain colours.

Rating: 3.0A @ 1,000V RMS max
O/D: 1.6mm nominal
Wall cover: PVC 0.3mm to DEF61-12 Type 2 and BS 4808
Core: Stranded, 16 x 0.2mm tinned copper conductor