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Using our website

Getting the best from our website

If you are using this website for the first time, or may not be that confident using online sites, the following may help you understand how our website works and how to get the best from using it. The website operates like many others and those that regularly use ecommerce shops will be able to find their way around with no problems.

Using the categories listings

For those that are new to ecommerce platforms you will find all our products by using the category selection tabs either in the box on the left side of the web page or in the boxes in the centre of the index page. Just click the top level category and you will be taken to that category. The page that open may have further sub categories within the main grouping making getting to your product requirements easier and quicker.

The Search box

You can also type a product name, model number, or just text into the search box at the top of the page and allow the website to find products relating to your search term. The better your description and search term the better the search filter, so "white heat shrink will bring up all white heat shrink products, where as "heat shrink" and or "white" will bring up all products either white or heat shrink.

If you have purchased from us before and you know the model number you can also enter this into the search box to get to the product you require. Where possible we also use the manufacturers part number into our product description and that can also be entered where we have included the information.

Adding items to the basket or cart

When you have found the part you require you may either click the add to cart button, which will do as it says, or you can click a further level to see the actual product page. This can be done by either clicking on the small product image, the product name or the see more text. On the individual product page we have placed all the information to allow you to make an informed choice of whether the product is suitable for your requirements. If this is the product you require clicking the add to cart button will add the product to your basket. Your basket page will then open showing you what is in your basket and also the estimated shipping cost. If you wish to add more products you can either use the browser back button or the small blue text just below the header image to go back to where you were or any of the sub categories below the actual product.

We do show details of how many of each item we have in stock. The website will not allow orders if the stock level will drop to below zero. If you require an item which is showing less stock that you require please contact us as many products can be obtained on a next day basis.

Completing the purchase

Once you have finished shopping, you will need to click the order now button in your shopping basket. You will need to register to complete your order and you can do this at the checkout stage. The information we ask for is kept to the minimum. To make the delivery we will need your full name and address and also a contact email address and phone number just in case there is a problem with your order. These details allow us to contact you to keep you informed of the state of your order. Finally you will need to enter a password. We are not able to view this password for you should you forget it, so make sure it is memorable or write it down.

Once you have registered you will be able to log-in in future and track your order. You can also change details through the My Account section which only becomes visible once you have logged in.

Once all the required information has been entered, you will be taken to the next checkout page which is where you choose the shipping address and shipping method. Now you are logged in the actual shipping prices will be displayed for your order. Select the shipping method and you will then be taken to the next page which is where you choose how to pay for your products. Choose a payment method and then click continue to the final confirmation page. If everything is correct click continue and you will be taken to our payment providers website. Enter what ever information they need and final make sure that you click the return to Railwayscenics website button to complete the order. If you do not click this button, and just leave the site your order is not fully recorded and you will not receive an email confirmation of your order.

When we receive your order we will then process this. Usually orders placed by 12-30pm will be picked, packed and posted the same day, although this is not always possible. Once we have actually posted your items, and not before, we update the order status and you will be sent an automatic email letting you know the order has been posted.

The whole process does generally work as it should but occasionally there are errors. The biggest problem we have is where a customer does not click on the return to Railwayscenics website once the payment has been made. Whilst you do not get an order confirmation email, the site does not subtract the items you have purchased from you from the stock levels, and in rare instances we do not get the order. So please make sure that you click the return button.