Pricing policy

Railwayscenics is a small independent supplier of model railway related products, electronic components, materials and tools. Many of these can be used in a wide range of other craft and hobby areas. We purchase our stock in relatively small quantities which does affect the buying price, and therefore the selling price. As we purchase directly from different suppliers and not a general wholesaler, we are able to offer a competitively priced item of equal or better quality than many of the better known companies within the model railway industry. We are purchasing our electrical stock from the same suppliers as some of the larger wholesalers and model shops. This does mean that in most cases we are supply the same components at a better price.

We have tried to keep our prices competitive with other similar suppliers, and have spent time price checking our items against other similar suppliers and retailers both online in a physical shop. We are cheaper than many of the larger suppliers, but not all. As an online retailer only, with no large overheads we can afford to do this. This does work against us, as several of the well known model railway suppliers such as Hornby, Gaugemaster, Peco, Slaters and many more, will not supply to us. No actual shop, no supply. We have not let this get us down, and we are slowly sourcing equivalent products from suppliers, mainly in the UK, and in many cases, at better prices.

We have recently been comparing our prices against items available on EBay, and again, in most cases we are cheaper and offer a better quality item. You also have the advantage that we do not overcharge on our Royal Mail delivery, as some eBayers do. We also give our products full item descriptions to help you make an informed decision on which product will fit your needs and requirements.

If you think a product is very over priced, let us know. We will see what we can do. If you think we should be stocking an item that is currently not listed, let us know. We welcome all feedback whether positive or negative.