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Our texture sheets

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Our texture sheets as we call them, are scale representations of different exterior and interior finishes used in different buildings. We supply these texture sheets or brick papers in all the common railway modelling scales, including 3mm, 4mm and 7mm scales, and they can be used to scratch build models of your making, or to modify our models. We have been updating all the existing texture sheets and kits that can be downloaded. We have slightly modified and improved the high quality photo realistic images, which gives a better quality download. We have also increased the printable area on each sheet, so you now get more usable area per download. We hope to have got the combination of print quality and file size correct.

All of our 280+ texture sheets are made with a seamless texture image. This does in some cases mean that there is a slight repetitive pattern across the sheet. This is more noticeable in the smaller scales. The image we use is large and this pattern does not show up once the brick paper texture sheet is used to make a model, and has been weathered slightly. It also makes it easier for you to match the sheet edges if you need to join sheets or pieces of the printed texture sheet.

Where possible most of the brick textures come with a small strip of header bricks along the right hand side of the page. This is to allow you to add window sills and other detailing onto your model. The stone texture sheets come with  a strip of material which can be used to create stone mullion windows, sills or frames. All roof texture sheets come with a narrow strip of matching tiles that can be used as ridge tiles and also a thin strip to be used as lead flashing. Most of the paving sheets come with a strip for use as edging and kerb stones.

To get the best from the downloadable texture sheets they should be printed on good quality A4 paper or similar to get the best results. We use at least a 120gsm paper in our printed kits as we have found that the heavier the paper and the higher the print resolution, the better the print quality. We have also found that using a heavier paper prevents water based glues soaking the printed area of the sheets when sticking to card. Once printed we recommend that the sheet is lightly sprayed with a few thin coats of clear matt varnish, or inkjet fixative, to protect the image as most printer inks are water based.

We have been trying these new sheets, before we offer the sheets pre-printed for those who do not have a computer. Once we are happy with the printed sheets, we will be adding a section within this website where purchases can be made.

A sample sheet can be found in the free downloads section. This sheet shows most of our texture sheets and the images are scaled to 4mm:ft. This sheet can also be used as a printer test sheet, so that you can see the quality of the printed items.

Brick paper texture sheets

Most of our brick textures are released in the three common brick bonds, which are Flemish bond, English bond and Stretcher bond.

Flemish bond  
flemish brick bond Flemish bond consists of alternating headers and stretchers along each course with the headers centred on the stretchers above and below. Patterns can be created by laying in different coloured headers. It is not as strong as English bond but is generally considered to be more attractive. The bond can be adapted to suit thicker walls - most houses built in Flemish bond will have walls one brick thick
English bond  
english brick bond English bond consists of alternating courses of headers and stretchers, with the alternative headers centred over and under the vertical joints of the stretchers. Although the bond was very common in the Victorian period it was not generally used for houses, but was used in factories, stations and retaining walls, etc. It is a very strong bond but probably not as attractive as Flemish bond.
Stretcher bond  
stretcher brick bond Stretcher bond is the commonest bond used today and the least interesting in appearance. It can be made more interesting by laying a course of different coloured bricks or to lay such bricks to form a pattern on a wall. This bond is used on more modern buildings as it is faster to build.

Other texture sheets

We have tried to release these sheets in a varied range of colours and styles. We release textures for roofing, siding, flooring, paving, wood, stone, brick and metal. We could release thousands of these, but have limited them to the more common ones required. All of our texture sheets benefit from some further weathering once applied to a model.

Click here to view all of our downloadable texture sheets.

If you require something that is not available try dropping us a line, and we will see if we can help.