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Our models

Our card kits are scale models, and not a quick assembly die cut and scored card kit like those from Metcalf and Superquick. They are also not just a textured image that you stick to a piece of card like some other suppliers. They are all scale models and include basic instructions which assumes that the buyer has a reasonable knowledge of cut out card kit building. There are also printed texture outer sheets, full templates that should be stuck to card and glazing sheets that need printing onto clear acetate sheet. They will take time to build to get a good result. We believe that our models are one step away from actually scratch building a model of your own, and most of the techniques used will be the same as we use to scratch build models. All models start from plans of a real building in a real place. We have made plans of these buildings and then adapted them to enable a 3D model to be made. We have tried to make each model non railway company generic, so that they can be used on most model railway layouts. We may one day release railway company specific models.

Care is taken during the design stage to ensure that the completed model will give a realistic representation of the modelled building. We also consider the average modelling abilities of most modellers and ensure that the models can be completed to a reasonable standard and quality. We actually build several of each kit prior to completing the final design and writing the instructions. Each model is then handed over to our test builders, who complete the model following the instructions. They report back to us with remarks and comments on the model, and we alter the design and rewrite the instructions before finally building the model again. Once we are happy with the construction, we release the model.

Our models are designed in such a way that it should be possible to replace the supplied texture sheets with any of our other texture sheets. The inner shell of the models are built first, then the exterior textures are placed on. It is easy to substitute the supplied texture sheet for another.

We decided at an early stage that no bare cardboard or paper edges would show on our models, unlike some of our competitors. This has caused a few problems with the design of the models, but we hope that any problem areas have been overcome. This policy has made our models a bit harder to make, but we believe that the finished results speak for themselves. There should be no need to colour edges.

All of our larger models are made from a double layer of at least 1mm thick card. This gives the model strength, and a depth to the exteriors. None of the models come with full interior detailing, but these kits will be available as an extra at a cheap price for those that require them.

You will have to finish each of the models to your liking. We do not supply items such as guttering and down pipes as we believe that paper ones are too fragile and just look wrong, but these are available from several manufacturers. All of our models once sprayed, or brushed, with a final coat of matt varnish can be weathered using all the standard techniques.

Kit features

1. All models are based on published plans or real buildings. Some artistic licence is used to make the kit easier to construct.
2. Where practical 3D relief is included in the model to give some form of external relief to the structure.
3. No bare card edges show on the completed kit.
4. Downloadable kits file sizes are kept to a level that will give the best results whilst still uploading to your computer quickly.
5. It is possible to add extra detail to all of our kits and we actively encourage builders to try this.
6. Assembly instructions are available separately before buying the kits, so you can see what is required.

About each of our models

Free garages kit

This kit was released to use as an example of the basic techniques used to assemble our range of downloadable card kits. The small kit is based on a pair of general flat roofed garages that can be seen throughout the country. The exterior finish is a concrete covered brick. A choice of doors are included.

Four terraced cottages.

This model represents a row of four small two storey terraced cottages found throughout the country and all have small rear walled yards. The models come with a choice of front and rear doors, and a choice of curtains.

We have now released models of the fronts and rear as low relief kits. This is the first of our low relief kits and more are planned. All of the above models are now available with a choice of 14 external brick or stone finishes. A shop and a pub will also be available along with a corner version of a cottage and shop. Additional exterior detailing should be added.

Station waiting shelter

This was again of a LSWR design and gave waiting passengers somewhere to wait for trains on platforms apart from the main platform. They were all to a standard design. This model is now available with 15 external brick, stone and wood texture finishes.

Platform kit

Our platform kit has recently been upgraded and is now available in 14 brick and stone textures. The kit can be used to make platforms of any shape, width and length. It is also possible to lower the kit if required. This is the first model also to be released in 3mm, 4mm and 7mm scales.