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Gift Vouchers
We have now set up a system where you can purchase friends or family gift vouchers that can be used against purchases from this website. Vouchers can be used in full or part payment and any remainder will be left for future purchases. You buy the voucher from PayPal, and we only get the money when items are bought and paid for using the special payment code on the voucher. It really is that simple to give a loved one something special.

New Distance Selling regulations (DSR)
On 13/06/2014 the government changed the DSRs, which now become the Consumer Rights Directive, which brought us in line with other EU countries. To comply with these latest regulations I have had to alter our terms and conditions and also some of the product descriptions, especially the download products. Full details can be found in our terms and conditions, but very briefly we now have to give you 14 days to cancel and order, rather than the previous 7 days. For you to get a full refund you have to return items to us within 14 days, and we have to send the refund to you within 14 days. As long as everything goes as planned its better for us and you. We also do not have to refund return postage costs on a cancelled orders.

I have also had to change the final checkout button, as believe it or not it now has to made clear to customers that the next step will require a payment to be made. I will leave that as it is and say no more.

There are other areas that are detailed in these new regulations. Remember that there are many sites out there that will not comply, and this will affect your rights, and those of the business selling to you. be sure you know what you are buying and from where you are buying.

New catalogues now available.
After many months in the planning we have now completed our catalogues. After speaking to many customers we have decided to produce a range of 5 catalogues. Each catalogue will cover one main category heading. Currently available are baseboards, electrical, modelling materials, scenery, and tools. The idea of separate catalogues for each category was preferred over one large booklet. This would allow all types of modellers to only purchase a catalogue that covered their interests. Each new catalogue comes with a printed order form, to allow those that do not use the internet to order our great priced products. A new form will be sent with any orders received.

Costs for each catalogue do not cover the printing and paper costs, so do not complain that they are dear. Each catalogue can also be used as a price list for items on our website. As always our website will carry full product information to help you make an informed product choice decision.

Delivery instructions.
We are getting more and more instructions from customers where they would like a parcel left. Our courier service is a signed for service, which means that parcels will not be left anywhere. Or at least they should not just be left somewhere. If you have a courier delivery and the parcel just gets left, let us know. We also have no way of letting the Royal mail know of these instructions so please do not ask. Leave a note on the door if you need to, but do remember that other people will be able to read this message.

New newsletter layout.
As the long awaited new website is progressing, I have decided to update the look and feel of the newsletter. A couple have been sent in the last two months and I hope that everyone likes the new look. It is also planned to have these newsletters added to a page on the site to enable new customers to read them.

Silverline wire stripping pliers
We have added a larger improved range of wire stripping pliers to the site. These are currently selling better than expected. We have tried to keep the prices competitive.

Royal Mail price increases
This year once again Royal Mail has increased its prices. This has not been as large as other years, and will not affect too many of our customers. On some larger parcels they have reduced the prices. We will be altering our prices accordingly after the 1st of April.

Code 80 or 55 rail track power feeds
I have finally added these small N gauge power feed track joiners to our power feed range. They will come with 150mm lengths of 16/0.2 red and black wires. This wire can be used with our red scotchlok connectors which are supplied in our DCC power bus wiring kits. All you need to do is to drill a small 2mm size hole through the baseboard where the track join is and pass the wires through, then clip to your power bus wiring.

Albion Alloys Metal sections
An order has just been placed for a starter set of Albion Alloys metal products. These will be added to the site in the near future, and they should compliment our current ranges of modelling materials.

Superquick card kits
I have now added some Superquick card kits to the website. Whilst these kits are not new, they are good. We have been selling the station and platform kits for a while now, and have decided to add the remainder of the range. They will be added soon. As with any product available from out website, they will be priced competitively.

New LEDs
We have now added a few bi-colour 3mm and 5mm LEDs to our catalogue. These come in several colour options and have many uses in railway modelling. To change the colours of the led, you just need to reverse the polarity of the led. These items can be found in the LED section of the electrics area.

Parcel Force deliveries
We are sorry to announce that due to recent changes at our local post office, we are no longer offering any Parcel Force delivery options. This is most regretful, but is unavoidable. The service was not widely used because of the costs involved, but never the less it was used. We are once again looking at an overnight courier service to replace the Parcel Force delivery option. We will keep everyone updated when things change.

New 7mm scale sign sheets
I have finally uploaded the new printed 7mm scale sign sheets to the website. I have been taking these items to exhibitions recently, and they have been well received. There are station signs and notice boards for British Railways and the main for railway companies, road signs, pub signs, advertising signs and travel posters. These are printed at a high resolution on good quality paper/card, and will have many uses on most railway layouts.

Peco have finally copied one of our products.
We have been hearing rumours recently that Peco were going to be releasing what they are calling Power Feed Joiners for both code 75 and 100 track. We have been producing these for a long wile now and have sold hundreds, so they must be popular. We were selling them as pre wired track connectors. We have now altered the name of the product to match closer to that of the Peco items which are now available in many model shops. What I can say is that ours are still cheaper, and as they are made to order, we can supply them in a range of colours, not just black and red.

New Courier delivery service added
We have finally got round to adding a courier delivery service. We now offer one of the widest range of delivery services, giving you the largest choice of delivery options from any of the main model railway online stores. For more details see our postage rates page.

Updated Royal Mail prices.
We have updated all the Royal Mail module prices, and they do seem to be fair to everyone. If you have any complaints over the pricing of the delivery please contact us, but we are restricted to what we are charged. Our delivery costs are not just the cost of the stamps. They do also include a small charge for packaging and labels.

Range of baseboard fittings expanded.
We have expanded our range of baseboard fittings. We now included more brackets to make baseboard assembly easier. All items are sold singularly, so only buy what you need. We also sell a new type of baseboard adjustable foot. This includes a bracket and foot as a unit. Again sold individually so you only buy what you need.

BA Nuts, screws and washers.
We have finally got round to adding our first batch of brass BA screws, nuts and washers. All are available in packets of 10, and are competitively priced. We will soon be adding steel screws, nuts and washers in similar sizes.

New wire kept in stock.
We have now decided to keep 10/0.1mm multi core electrical wire in stock. This cable is rated at 0.5 amps and is suitable for additional DCC coder wires and things like motor pickup wiring. We are selling this in short 2m lengths as we cannot see that people would want long lengths. This item is now available in a range of 11 colours.

New range of tools added.
We have now increased our range of tools for craft and hobby enthusiasts. We are now distributors of the Toolzone range of tools. All tools are good quality, and are all set at an affordable price. Initial stocks will be low, and depending on sales, stock quantities will be increased. The range will also be expanded.

We have now become dealers for the Silverline range of tools. Their range is very large and the tools are of excellent quality. We can supply the whole range of tools, and will be pleased to quote you for your requirements. Any special orders will be ordered on a Friday, with delivery expected to us on the following Monday. We will be stocking a wide range of their tools for craft and hobby users. Whilst their tools are not the cheapest, they are good quality and we will be offering a discount on the recommended retail price to keep the prices comparable with other brands.

New wire kept in stock.
We have now decided to keep 1/0.6mm solid core electrical wire in stock. This solid core cable is rated at 1.8 amps and is suitable for DCC dropper wires. This item is now available in a range of 11 colours. We are selling this wire in 10m coils, with full 100m reels to follow later. The wire is British made and is very competitively priced.

We will continue to stock all of our 7/0.2, 16/0/2, 24/0.2 and 32/0.2. wires in all 11 colours.

We are also soon going to sell the wire in small coils of 5 metres instead of the full roll or 10m coils. This is to allow those with smaller layouts to not have to purchase 10m coils and not use the full lengths. We believe that this will be a first in this industry, and will help to reduce model railway building costs in this time of recession where money is tight, especially where hobbies are concerned.

We also now stock a range of 4, 6, 8 and 12 core 7/0.2 cables. These are fully detailed on the relevant website page within the electrical wire products. This may be a cheaper option for those who wish to keep to a wire colour scheme. 

When signing up for an account on the Railwayscenics website there is an option to sign up to a newsletter. Previously we have not had the time to send these to our valued customers. We have now updated the website and now plan to use this facility to keep our customers updated of new products and changes that we are making. There will also be a section detailing any special offers that we are running. Each newsletter comes with the ability to cancel any subscription to this service, so if you do not wish to receive these mailings, then just click on the link at the bottom of the email.

Platform waiting shelter kit.
This is the latest of our kits to be released in new texture finishes. This one now has 14 different texture finishes. Be sure to select an option on the product info pages as we have some customers who think that the website knows which texture they require the model in.

New range of products.
We had been asked whether we stock any other model railway items. In the past we have always said No. Well now we do. We now stock most scenic materials, a wide range of electrical items, baseboard constriction parts, electrical wire and components and much more. We are slowly adding items to our website, but it is taking time. We hope that people find our prices competitive, and if the feedback already received is anything to go by, we are competitive. Our postal charges are not overly expensive, and we do plan to reuse packaging where possible.

If you would like us to get items for you, we will be pleased to give a quote.

New style instructions.
We have now developed a new style set of instructions for our soon to be released 4 terraced cottages kit. These instructions now include images if the assembly procedure. We will soon be altering all of our instructions on all released kits as time permits. Many thanks to the people that helped with this idea.

New models.
We would like to know what you, our customers, would like to see models of. We do not really want to supply the same models as other companies, as there needs to be a large range available for people to model. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please contact us using the contact us form. Please remember that these models will be made out of card, and therefore need to be relatively simple to make. If we like your ideas, and we can find plans of your suggested building, we may decide to model it.

To see our latest items from our news page please click the link below.

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