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New range of pre wired 3 and 5mm LEDs added 13/02/2018
After being asked by more than one customer whether I stocked pre-wired LEDs,I have decided to add some 3mm and 5mm water clear LEDs to the site. These come with 170mm long red and black wires and are fitted with an inline resistor to allow them to work on 12v dc. They currently are available in blue, cool white, green, orange, red, warm white and yellow. Others will be added to the range soon. They can all be found on the following page Pre-wired LEDs

Heat Shrink tube product descriptions updated 10/09/2017
Continuing on with our product description pages updates, I have now finished the heat shrink tubing listings. They now have the same layout as those already updated, and included new information and dimensions. The on page SEO has also been changed as has some of the wording on the page to make it easier to find in the site search function. This improvement will eventually be carried out over the full site. All of the heatshrink tubing can be found on the following page Heat shrink tube

New range of 4mm test sockets to replace old version 21/07/2017
Our supplier has decided to stop stocking our current range of 4mm test sockets. After looking for an alternative product, I have added a new range of test sockets as future replacements in the main colours. As stocks expire of the old style sockets they will be removed from the site. I will then only be stocking the latest style ones. Unfortunately they are a few pence dearer, but they can carry a higher power. The range of 4mm banana plugs and the stackable plugs will remain unchanged.

Stackable test leads 11/07/2017
I have added a range of stackable test leads to the website. These leads are available in 3 lengths 25cm, 50cm and 100cm, Each length is available in black, blue, green, red and yellow. They are all manufactured using 0.75mm sq (95/0.01mm) PVC insulated wire which far exceeds the ratings of the connectors. All are available separately so you only buy what you need.

New Stripe payment module added 14/05/2017
Today I added Stripe as a payment method. This module will allow customers to pay using a debit or credit card without needing to go through PayPal. The payment method is secure and any information sent via the internet is encrypted. If you are in any doubt please look at Stripe payment website for more information.

Royal Mail Price Increase 31/03/2017
As of the 27th March 2017 Royal Mail have altered their prices. What is unusual this year is that there has also been some small price decreases. I have amended the shipping prices on the website inline with the prices from Royal Mail. Small parcel prices to UK customers have decreases by 5p whilst the same parcel size has increase by quite a bit to overseas customers. The increases are so small that many will not even notice. There is no use complaining to us about our delivery prices as we have to play by others rules. All prices can be found on our shipping costs page.

Train-Tech Products 31/03/2017
I had my first order of products arrive from Train-Tech on Thursday 30th March. I have now got to add them all to the site. Hopefully once I know how they sell, I will enlarge the stock holdings and also add more products. If there is a particular product of theirs that you would like and its not stocked, let me know. All products have downloadable instructions so you can see what is involved before buying. We do also have some catalogues that can be sent out , just add them to your cart and they will be added to any order that needs one.

Website move 24/03/2017
On the 23r March 2017 I made the decision to once again move the website to new hosts. There had been growing problems with the old hosts, so I looked for new servers and hosts. The site is now back up and running on the new servers and seems to be working as it should after a few teething troubles. The move had meant that for a few days orders and deliveries were disrupted, but normal service has once again been resumed. I know have lots more space to upload files so I will continue adding data sheets on the electrical products and will be adding more downloadable files in the near future. Good news for all you 2mm scale modellers is that the extra space may be partially filled with 2mm scale texture sheets.

Courier Delivery Prices Changed 06/02/2017
In line with some price reductions from our courier company I have now alerted the courier payment module in line with these reductions. The courier prices are now a bit more inline with the other delivery services that we off, and still a lot cheaper than Royal Mail on larger parcels over 2kg. May we also take this opportunity to remind you that this is not an overnight service and delivery does take 3-5 days.

New electronic component products 01/02/2017
I have started to add some electronic components to the website. This has also involved a reshuffle of some of the current website categories to move some products into a new Electronic Components category. This does mean that the model numbers on the moved components will change to match the new model number for the component category. All of the new components in this category will be used to product and manufacture PCBs for home made circuits. All electronic component products can be found by clicking here.

New Prototyping products added 21/01/2017
A new range od products have been added to the site. These are all related to PCB design and prototyping. As new stocks arrive they will be added to the site with full product descriptions. We have added some bread boarding products and items that allow testing to carried out on circuits and designs. All prototyping products can be found here.

Site changed to HTTPS 12/01/2017
I have changed the site to fully HTTPS. Many will have no idea what change means, but it basically protects the whole site with 256bit encryption. Now the whole site is protected, not just the pages where you enter your personal data. The change does not impact anything that has previously been entered on the site and will make no difference to your surfing of the site, except that a green padlock should show in your internet browser to show that the site is secured.

Flashing 0805 SMD LEDs added to range 30/11/2016
After being asked by a customer whether we did small flashing SMD LEDs I have now added them to the site. These LEDs will require a resistor and suitable ones have been added to the listings. These lights will look great on vehicles and other accessories on most model railway layouts. Find them at SMD LED product page.

Miniature relays and sockets 27/11/2016
I have added a selection of useful miniature PCB mounted relays that have many uses in railway modelling. Where required all of the relays come with an IC socket included. This means that you can solder the wires to the plug and not the relay. Should you ever need to , this will make replacing the relay easier. Currently stocks are kept low until we find the more common used ones, and we will increase stock levels of those units. The relays can be found here.

Railwayscenics is 8 years old 08/11/2016
On 13th November 2008 I registered the domain name That was the small start to something that has changed from the original plans.

New International Shipping Rates 24/10/2016
Due to a recent spate of suspected fraud I have taken the decision to only ship international parcels by a singed for method of delivery. Sorry to all the international customers who use our site, but a few customers have made claims against us for non delivery of items. To cover ourselves through PayPal seller protection, we have to show proof of postage and proof of delivery to make a claim. If we can prove delivery was made or tried we are able to recover our costs and PayPal can take the complaint up with the customer and refuse the payout. This has meant that international delivery costs have had to increase slightly. Full details can be found here and here.

New masking tapes added 17/10/2016
I was asked by a customer the other day whether we sold any very fine masking tapes. I have now found some as small as 0.4mm, so should be ideal for fine lining and masking. Range can be found here.

Baseboard Join wiring kits 10/10/2016
With delivery problems with our current supplier of DCC baseboard wiring connectors, I have now sourced some 2 way connector blocks that are made up into wired connectors. Each connector comes with about 200mm of red and black wires per connector. These kits can be used to add connections at baseboard joins for DC and DCC layouts. They are available from us here.

CD Collection discs 30/09/2016
I have added some of our downloadable file texture sheets onto CDroms. Each CD is great value for money and offers a huge saving over the standard dowload prices. There are discs in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 7mm scales for most of the categories of downloads. All discs also contain our free items for the relevant scales. We are also planning to add some of our help sheets to the sics also, but they have to be re written first. See the discs currently available here.

Flickering LED range expanded. 21/05/2016
After the success of our range of 5mm water clear LEDs in a range of popular colours, I have now added some in 3mm sizes. These smaller LEDs will allow you to add a flickering effect to things like loco fireboxes, braziers or even in house fireplaces. Using two or more different coloured LEDs will allow you to achieve many different effects. The high power white could also be used for arc welding scenes inside workshops. These LEDs do require a resistor and I have listed suitable ones for various voltages on the product pages. The 3mm ones can be found here, and the 5mm ones here.

New range of miniature speakers added. 20/05/2016
I have now completed adding a range of miniature 8 ohm speakers to the site. These speakers are very small and should allow you to add sound to many vehicles or buildings including DCC sound locomotives. See them all here.

New Website and functions 24/04/2016
At the beginning of April the step was taken to upload the new coded website for general use. There were a few teething troubles, but these have all been sorted out. The new website will now work well on all types of devices. Whether you access the website using a desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone,, you should see variations of the pages. Text should be readable and even the touch click parts are easy to operate. This has been achieved by using Bootstrap HTML, CSS, and JS framework. Hopefully it will be an improvement over the old site. New features have been added such as guest checkout, featured products, recently viewed items and several more. There are more to come. If you have any questions or worries about using the new site please let me know.

SMD Miniature LEDS 06/04/2016
Just arrived is a large package of Surface Mount Device (SMD) LEDS in a range of sizes and colours. Stock levels will increase once we know what items will sell. Full details and information of these LEDs can be found on the products information page.

New electrical wire supplier 23/02/2016
After some negotiation and a lot of emails going backward and forward, I have today received my first order of electrical wire from the new supplier. Hopefully changing suppliers will enable me to sell wire at a slightly cheaper price that I am at present. I am also now stocking 7/0.2 and 16/0.2 in striped colours. Information on these will be on the wires listing in the website. They will be the same spec as the current wires, and will offer further options to those who wish to colour code their layouts more.

ABS Flanged and non flanged Enclosures 15/12/2015
We are now starting to stock a range of black and white ABS enclosures that can be used to mount and protect circuit boards or even mount switches and other components and hide the wiring. They are all two part products and the lids are secured by 4 countersunk self-tapping screws. To see the full range of items please Click Here. If you would like any other sizes than those stocked, please let us know.

Stay Alive Capacitor Kits 17/10/2015
I have put together some stay alive capacitor kits for those that want to make their own keep alive kits to add to troublesome locos. The kits include everything needed to made a basic stay alive unit including a 25v capacitor. We do supply a wiring diagram, but you will have to find where to solder the wires onto your DCC chip decoder. The kits can be found by Clicking Here.

These units will not remove the need to regularly clean the track, wheels and pickups, but may help with poor running over badly laid points and track.

Silverline Tools 27/08/2015
As many of you know Railwayscenics has been supplying a range of craft and hobby tools from Silverline for a long time now. Many of our competitors are now also supplying this range of tools, so they must also consider them good. We have not publicised the fact but we are able to supply any of the 5000+ tools that they make to all of our customers. We are now accepting provisional orders for any product from the current Silverline catalogue. You need to contact us with the Silverline model number, and a genuine email address to allow us to send a PayPal invoice to you, and we will order the items on the next available Friday, for delivery to us the following week.

If you have not looked at the range of tools available from this company then you can find full details at

RJ11,12 and 45 connectors
We have been asked many times whether we can supply RJ11, 12 and 45 sockets. Well now we do. These types of sockets are used on many DCC connection leads by many of the top suppliers. These connectors will allow people to repair damaged or broken leads without the need for expensive replacements. We are also looking in to finding a supplier of replacement leads without using the genuine expensive leads supplied directly from the manufacturers. More news to follow.

New range of 35v capacitors added to range 03/05/2015
Due to demand I have added a full range of 35 volt electrolytic capacitors. These can be used to make your own capacitor discharge units (CDUs) or stay alive units. The full range can be found by Clicking Here.

Miniature single row and double row plugs and sockets 01/05/2015
New range of miniature plugs and sockets have been added to connectors listings. These tiny plugs and sockets are available in 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 way kits as a single row or double row of connectors. Each kit will come with a short length of suitable black heat shrink tube to insulate and protect the soldered connection.They can all be found by Clicking Here.

Ultra fine and ultra flexible DCC decider wire 27/04/2015
I have finally managed to get some of this very fine wire in from a supplier. It is available in black, blue, brown, green, grey, orange, purple, red, white and yellow. The wire is rated at 1.2 amps and has an outside diameter of just 0.53mm. It is available in 1 metre lengths which will be more than enough wire to connect several locos. I have also added a very small 3:1 ratio black heat shrink tube that can be used to insulate any soldered joints in this wire. The wire can be found by Clicking Here.

Royal Mail price increases 31/03/2015
I have adjusted our postage costs in line with the recent price increases announced by Royal Mail. Although the increases were small, as I make nothing on our deliveries I had to pass on this increase. All I can say is sorry.

More download files being added 22/02/2015
Now that things have calmed down a bit, I have now made time to upload some more texture papers to the downloads area. These sheets are mainly wood finishes, many with flaking paint. Many of the colours can be used to represent flaking painted wood on many of the big four companies and also many of their smaller constituent companies.

New wire stocked 28/01/2015
I am now stocking a heavier red and black wire that can be used for larger DCC bus wiring. The wire has a 1.5mm sq copper core, which is the largest that can be used with our red scotchlok connectors and is rated at 21 amps maximum. There is also a new 16/0.2 wire which comes with a higher 11 amp rating and is again just copper cored. This has been done because we got asked for a larger DCC bus wire . I will be creating a new DCC starter wiring kit in the near future.

New range of 16 and 25 volt capacitors kept in stock. 19/01/2015
We keep getting asked whether we stock capacitors for home made stay alive units. After the recent article in the Railway Modeller, I have decided to keep all the parts required to make these units yourself. I will also be adding a set of kit parts so you can make your own units. This will include the capacitor, diode, resistor and a small piece of strip board to allow you to solder the components correctly. There will also be a short length of heat shrink tubing to encase the whole part to ensure that there is no chance of a short within your loco or tender body.

Pre printed items and software sold on hard media 03/01/2015
Due to the new EU wide VAT regulations, I have decided to supply all of our download files on either a hard media such as a DVD disc, and also sell as fully printed. These items will slowly be added to the website as time permits. As usual these items will be shipped securely and cheaply. Any files on CD/DVD media will be exactly the same as the files supplied in the downloads. Each DVD will be specially formed with what ever files are purchased. The price of these items will be slightly higher that the downloads due to the extra work involved in producing the discs.

The printed items will all be printed on to the same high quality white paper as are all of our other printed items. More information and details to follow.

New EU Vat Moss regulations 02/01/2015
From 1st January 2015 new EU wide regulations came in to force regarding charging VAT on downloadable products to customers who are purchasing from within the EU, excluding the UK. VAT must be charges at the rate which is current in the country that the customer lives. We are honest business people who will not knowingly break any law. For the foreseeable future, based on the information that is we currently have available, we will not be able to sell any automatic downloadable electronic products over the internet to anyone in any of the EU countries, apart from the UK. We regret having to take this step but we have an obligation to respect laws that govern how we do business.

Once the software is available that will work on the website software, we may reconsider this action.

Updated LED listings 24/11/2014
I have now added an extra bit of help on the led pages that do require resistors. Many customers were asking what size resistors were required when using a 9 volt battery to power these LEDs. Rather than pass these people off the site to a led resistor calculator, I have added the size of resistor required for 9v operation to the product listings.

Flickering LEDs 24/11/2014
After being asked for these items a lot recently and in the past I have now decided to stock a few of these items to see how well they sell. These are water clear LEDs that come in a range of colours. They give a candle flickering effect and can be used in things like braziers and steam loco fire boxes to give the effect of burning flames. The bright white ones can be used to simulate arc welding without the need for expensive circuitry. They do require a resistor. They can be found on this page here.

Servo motors 16/10/2014
I now stock 9G servo motors that have many applications in railway modelling. The motors stocked can be used as additions or replacements for those used with the Peco smartswitch. They are also compatible with many other manufacturers products. To compliment these motors there is also a miniature controller for these items and a small mounting bracket. All are available separately so you only need to buy what you need. Take a look here to see the range.

Micro drills 16/10/2014 Updated 24/11/2014
Having been asked many times by customers whether I stock these tiny micro drills separately, I have found a supplier of these tiny items at a sensible cost. I now stock straight shank micro drills from 0.3mm up to 2mm in increments of 0.1mm. That is 18 drill sizes. These drills are sold in pairs and can be used as replacements for those that you may have broken in our, and many other, micro drill sets. I will also be stocking shank drills soon in sets and separately. These drills can be found here.

Also now available is a set of 3.2mm shanked micro drills. The set contains 10 drills from 0.3 to 1.2mm. The drills are supplied in a plastic case for storage.

Updated and new texture sheets 23/09/2014
Since the new website has been uploaded many of the download files had not been uploaded to the site. I recently decided to update all the texture sheets and also to add many more new ones. Currently there are 130 listed on the site, with many being added still. Our paving sheets now include a strip that can be use as kerb stones. The roofing sheets contain a small strip that can be used to simulate lead flashing, our brick sheets include a strip of header bricks and all the stone effect sheets have a strip of a plain stone material to be used as window sills or frames. We added these strips because of requests from many customers. We think it makes our sheets the most complete in the market, and am sure that many suppliers will follow our lead.

I have changed the layout of the sheets to make them look better and also changed some of the printed colours to reduce your printing costs. All the sheets have an even larger printed area of materials. I still have not uploaded the 2mm sheets, and currently the 3.5mm HO scale sheets have not been added. I hope you like the new look sheets which can be found here.

New wire cut lengths - 28/08/2014
Since the new website has been used, we have been supplying our range of electrical wire in two additional shorter lengths. Both the 2m and 5m lengths have proved popular with customers and generally the feedback has been excellent. I do plan to add a larger size wire to the range in black and red to meet the needs of those who require a larger wire for their DCC bus wiring. We will let you know when it is available. On the subject of wire we will be changing our supplier in the very near future. This is being done to allow us to buy direct fro the countries largest stockist of UK manufactured layout wire. We will have to keep more stocks of each, but it will allow us to keep our pricing competitive and cheaper than many other suppliers.

Wide heat shrink tubing - 26/08/2014
We now carry stocks of wide 2:1 ratio black heat shrink tubing that can be used to insulate decoders inside locomotive bodies, which will prevent shorts. The material is sold in  short lengths that can be cut to cover either 3 or 4 decoders depending on their size. As with all of our heat shrink it will shrink when heat is applied to half of its current size.

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