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Wooden craft materials
Wooden craft sticks

We have started to stock a small range of plain and coloured wooden sticks that are suitable for crafting and hobby users.

Kids will love glueing and making using these sticks when the adults are not using them to make models and loads for their railways. Being thin wood they are easy to cut, glue, sculpt and paint..

See the full and growing range in our Wooden sticks category

Added 12/10/2022

DCC Coach lighting kits
DCC coach lighting kit

For a while now we have been selling a range of battery operated coach lighting kits in cool white, warm white and yellow. They are still available but the range has now been increased with a selection DDC track power pickup coach lighting kits. These are once again available in the three colours, warm white, cool white and yellow.

The kits include everything that you need to add the electrical components inside a fixed wheel or bogie coach from a wire range of manufacturers. The SMS LED strip can be reduced in length if required to enable the kit to be fitted inside shorter coaches. Some soldering and alteration to the coaches is required but this is minimal.

See them all in our Building and Coach Lighting Kit category

Added 10/07/2022

PC Power supply break out boards
PC PSU break out board

Lots of modellers use PC power supplies for their model power needs and railway modellers are no exception. Now connecting the power supply to your model diorama or layout could not be easier using one of our new range of breakout boards.

We have three different styles of breakout boards, two with fuses and one without. They will all accept the 20/24 pin ATX power connectors and offer different styles of output connectors that can be used to suit the required style. Two of the boards have built in fuses, which can be changed to suit the application they are powering, and the other will require additional circuit protection.

See them all in our other electrical category

Added 08/05/2022

New points position indicator kits
panel indicators

We have added a range of panel mounted LED kits that can be used to show the position of points on the model railway control panel.

The range includes red and green LEDs in both 3 and 5mm through hole sizes plus mounting clips and resistors depending on the LEDs supplied in the kit. These are all available with either 2.2 volt standard LEDs or 12v versions of the same kits. We will soon be expanding the range with pre wired LEDs in the same versions as those already listed. These kits will make wiring control panels easier and make operating the layoutsmuch simpler as it will be easy to see the way the points are switched, leading to less derailments.

See them all in our points position category

Added 26/03/2022

New vinyl pin strip lining tapes added
lining tapes

After a bit of a shuffle to create more model numbers, and the addition of more sub categories in the tapes section, we have added a new range of high quality lining tapes.

These new tapes are available in two widths, and a range of colours which will allow modellers to create mimic control panels to make running a layout so much easier if you use several controllers and have your layout split into sections or power districts. These tapes are flexible so creating corners and curves should be easy, and with their high tack adhesive they should stay in place for many years.

See them all in our lining tapes category

Added 06/02/2022

New range of lightly waxed fine threads added

We have just added a range of very fine lightly waxed threads in a range of colours that could have many uses in railway modelling.

Currently we are stocking what we believe are colours that can represent black, wires, rust, shiny metal and a dark brown. The black can be used as ropes in the smaller scales. This means that its easy to represent fine fencing wire, telephone pole wires, rope and so much more.

The full range can be found in our Threads category.

Added 11/01/2022

New range multipole 2.8mm connector kits added
connector set

Newly added to the website is a range of 2.8mm connector kits that can be used where it is required to split model railway baseboard wiring.

The new connectors come in 2, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 12 way versions and are relatively compact in size. The terminals require crimping or soldering onto your wire ends, before fitting them into the housings. If the terminals are fitted correctly the spring will click into place and hold them in the housing. If they dont lock in, just rotate the connector 180 degrees and try again. Replacement or spare male and female 2.8mm terminals are also available.

The full range can be found in our 2.8mm multipole connector category

Added 19/11/2021

More Model Craft products stocked
Model Craft products stocked

We have increased the range of products that we stock from the Model Craft product range. Their range of tools is large and we can only carry so much of it. We have chosen to stock some of the more popular craft and hobby tools that they sell which we think will compliment our other ranges of tools.

We have added more of the pliers and cutters that they supply including the Xuron range, some of their specialist sanding tools and some of the craft vices and holders.

The range can be found in our Model Craft range of tools

Added 10/10/2021

New range of 3Amp Diodes added
3 Amp diodes

We have added a range of 1N5400G series glass passivated rectifier diode which are in an industry standard DO-27 moulded plastic case. This further expands the range of diodes already stocked.

As with many of our electronic components they are all sold individually so you only need to buy what you need, and are not forced to buy pre packaged quantities.

The range can be found in our 3Amp diode range

Added 24/05/2021

LED resistor calculator and resistor colour code added to help pages
Resistor calculator page

We have added a resistor calculator to the website that will calculate the required value for a LED circuit that is for individual LEDs. All the required inputs can be found on the LED listings on the website plus your input voltage. It can be found at our Resistor calculator

We have also added an set of input boxes that will alow you to enter the colour bands of your resistor to find its value. That can be found at Colour band finder

Added 14/05/2021

New Rectangular switch range added
Illuminate switch

After several enquiries from customers we have added a range of rectangular coloured illuminated switches to further enhance the already large range of switches stocked.

These new switches are simple Off - On SPST and DPDT switches that can be used to switch many 12v dc devices and circuits on or off. The illuminated switch rocker provides an easy to see reminder that a device or circuit is still in the on position. The switches are available in blue, green, red and yellow and are rated at up to 16a at 12v max. They measure 25mm x 15mm and are 21mm deep and can be simply clipped into a rectangular cut out in panels up to 3mm thick.

The range can be found Here

Added 14/04/2021

New Wishlist feature
New wishlist feature

We have just updated the website and added in a Wishlist feature that will enable signed in customers to save items to a list so they can buy them at a later date. The system is very easy to use and to update so should cause no confusion to customers. Adding products to your wishlist is as easy as clicking a button on the product information page.

Viewing your wishlist is again easy as all you need to do is to login to your account and a wishlist icon will appear in the top right hand corner of the website, which can be clicked. Transferring products from your wishlist to your cart is again as simple as a click of a button. Once you have purchased an item you can again remove that item from your wishlist with a click of a button. You can even add all the items in your list to your cart with a click of a button.

Added 24/04/2021