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Information Centre

This page is a collection of all the other pages of information that are in different areas of the website. To see a page just click on the blue text in the left hand column.

About Us

About Railwayscenics
Aims of Railwayscenics.
Christmas deliveries
Christmas is a busy time for both us and the Royal Mail and here we list the days that we will be posting items out over the holiday period.
Environmental policy
At Railwayscenics we believe in trying to help save the planet for our future generations. Here we explain how we are doing our little bit to help.
Where, why and how it all started at Railwayscenics.
A general page of links to information that may be helpful, and also to some of our local model railway clubs.
Privacy policy
We take our customers privacy very seriously and here is how we achieve this.
Explanation of what Railwayscenics are doing to help with recycling.
Returns policy
How to return unwanted, damaged, faulty or incorrect items to us.
Shipping UK
UK Shipping and deliveries information.
Shipping international
International Shipping and deliveries information.
Terms and Conditions
General terms and conditions of Railwayscenics.
See what our customers have to say about us, our products and the service we offer.
Website usage
How our website works.
How we can help save the environment by recycling electrical and electronic components.

Our Products

About BA fasteners
Page that explains all about BA screw threads and fixings.
Bootlace end ferrules
How to improve your layouts wiring using bootlace cord end ferrules.
Heat shrink tubing
Our range of heat shrink tubing and how to use it.
LED calculator
Ohms Law calculator for one series wired LED.
Our LEDs
How to choose and use LEDs from our wide range of products, plus an explanation about what an LED is and how it works. Now covered by 2 pages.
Our models
A bit of information about our card models.
Plasticard sheet
Information about plasticard sheet and how it can be used in model making.
Price Lists
Downloadable price lists for all the products sold on the Railwayscenics website.
Resistor colour bands
Understand how the colour bands on our resistors work.
Switch types
We sell a wide range of switches and have tried to give a brief description of the different types of switches available and their uses.
Texture sheets
A bit of information about our own brand of texture sheets and other download files.
Information and safety on our open cased transformers and how they compare to those from our competitors.
Wire types
We sell a wide range of electrical wire and here we try to detail each wire's specification and how it can be used in railway modelling.

Hints and tips

Adding detail
A page that explains how to add further detail to our card model kits, and other kits and models.
Assembly tips
Advanced advice on how to assemble parts of our range of scale model card kits.
AWG Wire conversion
Chart listing conversion and comparison sizes between AWG and European wire sizes.
Ballasting track
Basic advice on adding ballast to model railways. Applicable to all scales.
Building height
How to calculate the height of a building or object.
Buildings glossary
List of terms used in the construction of buildings which are also used in scale model buildings.
Card modelling
A brief history of card modelling
Conversion chart
A very handy chart listing a wide range of conversions.
DCC Bus wiring
Basic advice gathered from experience which answers many of our customers questions on how to wire a DCC layout.
Drill sizes
Metric, imperial and numbered drill comparison chart.
Electronic components glossary
List of terms used in describing electronic components .
Electronic symbols
Basic electronic symbols used in some of our electrical circuit diagrams.
Glossary of common terms used in railway modelling.
How To
General help page with some features included with our card kits and models.
Modelling materials
Types of materials used in railway modelling and their uses.
Peco point data
A listing of all the data available from peco on all of their points available from the current range.
Printing tips
How to get the best from your printer when printing our card kit downloads.
Lighting models
A basic guide on how to add lighting to models and buildings.
Scale and gauges
Those new to railway modelling often get confused when hearing about scales and gauges. This page should explain these things in simple terms. There is also a chart to help with size conversions when printing kits to a different scale.
Soldering tips
We have tried to dispel some myths here about the art of soldering with some helpful advice gained through experience.
Track comparision tables
Tables to allow the easy comparison between Hornby, Bachmann and Peco track systems in N and OO gauges.
Using plaster bandage
Help and advice about using plaster bandage correctly. These tips can be used with all types of plaster bandage.

Customer Service

Contact Us
How our customers can contact us.
Downloading products
This page is a guide to how the download system works on our website and includes information on how to get your download should the system fail or be used incorrectly.
A page showing what exhibitions we are attending and a bit about our trade stand and what you should do if you would like us to attend your show.
Listing of general questions that we are frequently asked.
Featured products
Full listings of featured products.
Latest news
See our news and announcements here.
Payments accepted
Payment methods accepted on our website.
Recent releases
New products added to our store listings.
Here we list all of our products that are on special offer allowing you to find all the bargains in one place.
Stocked Brands
Brands that we stock with links to all their supplied products.
Using our website
How to get the best from our website.