How to build our kits and models | Railwayscenics

How to get the best from our card models and kits

Here we explain how to complete certain steps in the making of our models. We think it is easier to have these steps online rather than included with the instructions.

Doors and Windows.


Our method of creating window and door openings may seem complicated, but it does give a very good result, with no bare edges of cardboard showing.


Cut out all the pieces required. On the texture pieces you should cut along the horizontal lines into the corners of the window. Score the vertical lines, and fold to 90 degrees. Stick the texture piece to the template piece passing the tabs through the window opening. Apply glue to the tabs, and fold them behind the opening.

It is also possible to print the supplied glazing sheet onto white removable labels, then stick this sheet to your glazing material. You can then carefully with a sharp knife remove the centre areas of the windows leaving the coloured frames stuck to the clear window material and no mess or adhesive on the clear parts. We will soon be changing all of our supplied glazing to this method, even in the printed kits.


Some modellers may wish to make their own window glazing. We have found that the easiest way is to use strips cut from address labels. The strips can be cut thinly and once the backing is peeled away the strips can be stuck onto your glazing material. This gives good effects where the window glazing bars are white.

glazing bars

Lintels and sills

You now need to cut out and score the texture pieces for the lintels.


Once all the separate lintel pieces have been cut out, score along all the printed lines. The top part, number one on the image should be glues behind number two. Part three should be folded at 90 degrees. Glue the rear of part one in position on the model and pass the part 3 through the opening and glue behind. The same should be repeated for the window sills.

Once completed you have no bare card showing on the window openings.

Now you need to stick the window frame behind the opening, followed by the clear glazing.

Doors and frames.

The door openings are made in the same way to the windows openings.


The door frames should be cut out. Cut along the diagonal lines into the corners, and score the other lines. Fold the tabs, and glue behind. Then glue the door frame behind the door opening. Finally add the actual door behind the frame.