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History of Railwayscenics

History of Railwayscenics

When it all started

My name is Stephen (Steve) Lane and I started railway modelling so long ago, it is a job to remember when it all began. I have always been interested in scratch building all types of models, but especially making buildings and rolling stock. That is probably my dads fault as he used to make his own S&D, GWR, and LSWR carriages, locomotives and rolling stock. I have memories of sitting at the kitchen table making a station building whilst he cussed and swore making his coaches and at the time I was no more than 8 or 9 years old.

Over time the hobby was put on the back burner due to family and work commitments. I restarted the hobby as and when time allowed about 25 years ago and got back into structural modelling with a railway bias. With my interest in IT, it was a natural progression to try to see how it could be used to help me make models. I have used computers and various programs, both free and paid for, to draw wagon and coach sides which could be used as templates to make my models.

The next natural progression was to see if the computer could be used to make a complete model of a building. After a lot of searching, I found all the programs that I needed not only to produce a plan of the models but to produce all the printed parts required to complete the model. I built several models which are used on my railway layout in the garage roof. They have lasted well in damp and heat, and still look good today.

After all the hard work that went into designing the models I thought it may be a good idea to produce these models to allow others to build them if they liked. There were very few companies that supplied cardboard models to the general public at the time, and even fewer supplied kits as downloads.

This was the birth of Railwayscenics in early 2008. Railwayscenics is still a small business with large ambitions and now stocks a growing range of products that will enable the railway modeller to find all they need to build and complete their own layout.

Stephen Lane
Owner Railwayscenics