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General Questions
YES. We are looking into installing a guest checkout type system on the site, but cannot find one that currently works well.
Railwayscenics now encrypt all pages on the website so all details and information is secure. We only pass some of this data to our carriers to enable them to complete the delivery of your orders. We do not keep any of your credit, debit or PayPal details, which is why you will have to enter your payment details every time you place an order for the sake of your security. To check that this is working as it should you should see https in the page address bar, rather than http.
This is a common problem, and is generally caused by not entering the correct details in the create account form. The email address you enter is also your user name, so you may also have problems logging in to the site. If you think that you entered the correct details then you should check your junk mail folder.
Unfortunately we are not currently able to take payment over the telephone. The cost of doing so is high, so we do not offer this as a method of ordering. We are looking into this though as we are getting asked this question more.
It is only possible to buy the items listed on our website from our website. This allows us to keep out costs low and therefore our prices low.
Downloads Questions
We send all downloadable files as PDF documents. PDF (Portable Document Format) is the current standard for transferring, viewing and printing high-quality documents on the web or via email. These files ate zipped for speed and ease of delivery. You will need specialist software, which can be obtained for free to open these types of files. At present there is a folder that contains the instructions, and another that contains the model parts. On our newer models we are adding a third file that will contain the parts of the model that only require printing on lower quality paper, as these require to be stuck to card for internal strength. All of our kits and papers can be printed onto A4 paper.
We have tried several types of glue, and had good results with them all, except superglue. We have used PVA glue with excellent results, and also contact adhesives. We tried with glue stick type glues and had very poor results. Using a glue similar to UHU, we had the best results.
We have a free test page for you to download. This will allow you see what the textures look like, and to allow you to see the quality of the print out. You are more than welcome to download our free kit or texture sheet to see the quality. The final quality of the printout really depends on the resolution set on your printer and the quality of the paper used.
All of our kits we believe to be easy to construct. All techniques used are very basic, and easy to master. As the kits and papers can be printed off as many times as you require, if you make a mistake, just print off another copy, and try again. Download our free models to learn the basic techniques needed to produce a model.
Yes you can resize the kits between most scales. Almost all printers have a scaling option, and detailed instructions on how to do this can be found on our scales and gauges page. Please note that when enlarging the kits to larger scales some page tiling maybe required. There may also be aslight los of resolution of the printed page.
Unlike conventional pre cut cardboard kits, you are able to just print the parts that you need again.
All of our models are based on 1.5mm thick card. This thickness card is used by picture framers to mount pictures. It is widely available from a range of suppliers and outlets. If you are unable to obtain this thickness of card, it is possible to use a thinner card, but you must use more than one thickness. You will need to print out the templates pages again. Use a good quality glue to laminate the card pieces together.
We have had instances where our customers have had trouble opening the Zipped folder once the download is complete. A warning message appears that the file is invalid or corrupt. This kind of error can occur when part of the Zip file content becomes corrupt during an interrupted download, file copy or move etc. We have looked into this, and it appears to be a fault with the users computer or internet connection. We have checked all the files on the hosts server, and they are correct. We recommend that you try to download the files again by entering your account orders, and clicking the download link. If this should fail, use the contact us form and we will email you the folders that you require.
There are two reasons for this. The first being that we like to show our models as they were designed. Secondly, some customers want to spend time and weather there own models so they fit in to their location.
All of our kits are designed to have transparent windows, but if you prefer you can print the window glazing sheet onto plain paper and colour the windows to your preferences. If you are printing the sheet onto a clear product, make sure that it is compatible with your type of printer.
We now have the facility to update the download counts and dates on your files. If you contact us with the invoice number and date of purchase we will reset these figure which will allow you to download the files again.
All of our kits and texture sheets are designed to be printed on A4 paper. For those customers in the U.S. or Canada the nearest paper size is Legal. If you use the smaller letter size you will find the bottom 13mm of the page will be missing
Payment and Delivery Questions
Yes you can. We now offer two payment processors that will accept all major credit and debit cards. Stripe is a small company that is a regular payment processing company and will accept all major cards without the need to sign up to anything. They only need the minimum of information. We also use PayPal. You do not have to open a PayPal account to use the service, just make sure you click on the guest checkout option.
Our prices DO NOT include VAT as we are not VAT registered.
We do try where possible to post items ordered before 1-00pm on the same day. We also post by your chosen method, but do not guarantee that 1st class postage will arrive the following day, nor will 2nd class postage arrive within two days. Should your items not arrive in a reasonable time, please get in touch. We do keep copies of certificate of postings for 15 days.
We do not encourage this. We work from home and are an internet based business and do not have any shop premises or facilities for personal callers. Sorry.
We can send to any address that you specifiy when checking out. The website allows you to save two delivery addresses.
We are able to accept debit and credit payments by using either the Stripe or PayPal option. Both methods are secure and we do not see any of your entered information. We are also able to accept cheques or postal orders made payable to Stephen Lane and sent to our address that can be found on the contact us page. The final method is BACS which is basically online banking transfer.
Product Questions
We are able to order parts from our suppliers which include next day delivery as long as they have stock. Should you require more items than we have in stock, contact us and we will let you know of availability and any special prices available.
The quick answer is yes, in most cases. Contact us, and we will let you know if we can get your items.
The images shown on the product pages reflect the image of the product either taken or provided by the manufacturer during the time of uploading the picture. It may differ slightly in colour, packaging or text than the stock we ship as the stocks are refreshed and updated more often than images.
We do not produce a catalogue as our range is constantly growing and a printed catalogue would be out of date almost as soon as it was printed. You can view all of our products,the full product descriptions and order all of our range of products on our web site.
Yes. We include a receipt of your order with every package. You will need this in case you wish to return goods. If your invoice is missing then please contact us.
No is the simple answer. We have no minimum or maximum order value, but it may help you keep costs down if you can buy in one order rather than in several as we do have a minimum postage charge.
Please read our page on basic DCC wiring. It will explain most things. The page can be found here
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