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Railwayscenics supply a wide range of open case chassis mounting transformers is a wide range of power options. All of our supplied transformers have single primary windings and dual secondary windings, that can be wired in series or parallel giving various output power options.

All of our transformers will require additional wiring and protection that is available separately. When mounted they should have adequate cooling ventilation. If you are planning to show your layout, exhibition managers would prefer a metal insulated case, rather than wood.

The secondary power outputs should be protected with a suitable fuse or circuit breaker.

If you are unsure of how to safely wire these items, please consult a qualified electrician, who will be able to do a safe job for you. They may also be able to PAT test the fittings to ensure safety. For your own safety do not Have a Go at doing it yourself, these can kill and cause serious damage if wired incorrectly.

6VA transformers

These transformers can be used to power very low consumption products such as LEDs and other lighting applications. They should be protected by a 3 amp fused plug.

12VA transformers

These transformers should be used to power low consumption products such as LEDs and other lighting applications. They should be protected by a 3 amp fused plug.

20VA transformers

These can be used for medium power requirements. They should be protected by a 3 amp fused plug.

50VA transformers

These are used on high consumption electrics. They should be protected by a 3 amp fused plug.

These units supply more power than the Gaugemaster units and can be used as replacements for their range of transformers.

Gaugemaster open transformers.

Gaugemaster supply and recommend a range of 32VA transformers for their range of products. We have included here a comparison list between the two ranges to allow you to see the equivalent products.

Gaugemaster unit Input voltage Rating Output volts Output rating
T1 220/240v 32VA 2 x 16v 1 amp (1 amp)
T2 220/240v 32VA 1 x 18v 2 amp (1.77amps)
T3 220/240v 32VA 1 x 24v 1 amp (1.41amps)
T4 220/240v 32VA 2 x 12v 1 amp (1.4amps)
Our units Input voltage Rating Output volts Output rating
222-500 220/240v 6VA 2 x 6v 0.5 amp
222-501 220/240v 6VA 2 x 9v 0.33 amp
222-502 220/240v 6VA 2 x 12v 0.25 amp
222-503 220/240v 6VA 2 x 15v 0.2 amp
222-504 220/240v 6VA 2 x 18v 0.16 amp
222-505 220/240v 6VA 2 x 24v 0.125amp
222-001 220/240v 12VA 2 x 6v 1 amp
222-002 220/240v 12VA 2 x 9v 0.67 amp
222-003 220/240v 12VA 2 x 12v 0.5 amp
222-004 220/240v 12VA 2 x 15v 0.4 amp
222-005 220/240v 12VA 2 x 18v 0.33 amp
222-006 220/240v 12VA 2 x 24v 0.25 amp
222-100 220/240v 20VA 2 x 6v 1.67 amp
222-101 220/240v 20VA 2 x 9v 1.12 amp
222-102 220/240v 20VA 2 x 12v 0.84 amp
222-103 220/240v 20VA 2 x 15v 0.67 amp
222-104 220/240v 20VA 2 x 18v 0.55 amp
222-105 220/240v 20VA 2 x 24v 0.4 amp
222-200 220/240v 50VA 2 x 6v 4.17 amp
222-201 220/240v 50VA 2 x 9v (1 x 18v) 2.78 amp
222-202 220/240v 50VA 2 x 12v (1 x 24v) 2.08 amp
222-203 220/240v 50VA 2 x 15v 1.67 amp
222-204 220/240v 50VA 2 x 18v 1.38 amp
222-205 220/240v 50VA 2 x 24v 1.00 amp
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